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By submitting this form you certify the above information has been checked and is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that should any details change, it is my responsibility to inform my line manager.


The working time regulations 1998 provide that a worker shall not exceed 48 hours averaged over a 17-week reference period unless it is agreed in writing that these limits will not apply. This agreement can be withdrawn by giving no less than 1-months’ notice in writing. Any work undertaken with any other company must be notified in order for us to maintain our obligations to WTR.

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You are not required to disclose convictions which are "spent".
Please note that "unspent" cautions, reprimands, final warnings or convictions will not necessarily disqualify you from the position.

Do you have any cautions, reprimands, final warnings or convictions that are not 'Protected'?

Please also provide details of any unspent cautions, reprimands, final warnings or convictions against you giving date, type of offence, sentence/fine imposed etc.


You will be provided (free of charge) with the necessary PPE to undertake your duties (according to Site Risk Assessment), e.g. hi-visibility vest, protective footwear, etc. If you have any medical condition which requires additional specific PPE, then please make your Contract Manager aware.

You must wear any PPE that you are provided with at all times on site.

All defects and damage to this equipment must be reported immediately to your 24.7 line manager/supervisor.

You must ensure that your PPE is stored and kept in a useable and clean condition at all times.

The issue of all PPE is at no initial cost to you and will be routinely replaced when it is deemed by your line manager as no longer fit for use, again free of charge.

However, this PPE remains the property of 24.7. If you leave your assignment for any reason, including being absent without leave and fail to return the PPE in good condition to your 24.7 line manager within 3 days of leaving, you will be charged for each unreturned item and this will be deducted from any money owed to you. If you subsequently return your PPE after the 3 day deadline you will receive a rebate for any deduction made relating to PPE as detailed below:

3 days – 4 weeks = 50% / 4 – 12 weeks = 25% / after 12 weeks = 0

Should items be returned in poor condition (allowing for general wear and tear over the time period utilised) then no rebate will be provided.

Costs apply as follows: Hi-visibility vest - £5.00 Boots - £15.00

I, the undersigned understand and agree that any PPE issued to me remains the property of 24.7 and I agree to the deductions as set out in the terms above if I do not return any PPE issued to me within the agreed timescale.



Due to the nature of some assignments that you may be offered, we require you to complete this form so that we can ensure that it is safe for you to carry out the work. The information that you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be handled in accordance with current Data Protection legislation.

Do you suffer or have suffered from any of the following conditions (select yes or no)?

Heart Condition


High Blood Pressure


Lung Disorder

Stomach Complaint


Skin Disorder

Kidney Infection

Hearing Impairment

Sight Impairment



Any back complaint

Blood Disorder


Respiratory Issues


If you have answered yes to any of the above, provide details

Do you suffer from any other medical conditions not listed above? Please provide details

Is there anything in your medical history that we should be made aware of which might affect your ability to perform this type of role or any future roles? if yes please give details

By submitting this form you hereby confirm that the information I have provided is to the best of my knowledge accurate and true. I understand that giving false or misleading information could result in dismissal. I also confirm that any changes to my current state of health will be communicated to Twenty-Four Seven immediately.


Please note: If the position you are applying for is exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, you will be required to complete a criminal records check, through the Disclosure and Barring Service. We will confirm if this is required during the interview stage.


I confirm that the entries I have made on this application form are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true in all respects. I understand that, should I have deliberately made a false statement on this form, any job offer could be withdrawn.

I authorise the Company to obtain references to support this application once an offer has been made and accepted, and release the Company and referees from any liability caused by giving and receiving information.

I understand that my personal information contained within the TUPE process/pack may be made available for audit purposes to the client, its agencies or incumbent company.

I agree to the processing of personal information, including sensitive information as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998 and amendment made as of 25 May 2018 that I may have identified or volunteered in the completion of this form. Access to the company Privacy Policy will be made available.

I confirm that my Identification is authentic and I am eligible to work within the UK.

I hereby give permission for Twenty-Four Seven to contact the Home Office/United Kingdom Immigration Service in order to establish my immigration status and eligibility to work.

I have read and understand the

Twenty Four Seven Recruitment Services Limited is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all work seekers and shall adhere to such a policy at all times and will review on an ongoing basis on all aspects of recruitment to avoid unlawful or undesirable discrimination. We will treat everyone equally irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, political beliefs, membership, or non-membership of a Trade Union and we place an obligation upon all staff to respect and act in accordance with the policy. Our policy reflects the Equality Act 2010.
Twenty Four Seven Recruitment Services Limited shall not discriminate unlawfully when deciding which candidate/temporary worker is submitted for a vacancy or assignment, or in any terms of employment or terms of engagement for temporary workers. Twenty Four Seven Recruitment Services Limited will ensure that each candidate is assessed only in accordance with the candidate’s merits, qualification and ability to perform the relevant duties required by the particular vacancy.

I have read and understand the

You are to exercise reasonable care to keep safe all documentary or other material containing confidential information and shall at the time of the termination of your assignment with us, or at any other time upon demand, return to us any such material in your possession.
All written material, whether held on paper, electronically or magnetically, which was made or acquired by you during the course of your assignment with us, is our property and our copyright. At the time of termination of your assignment with us, or any other time upon demand, you shall return to us any such material in your possession.

I have read and understand the

Twenty Four Seven actively support “Stronger Together” working together to tackle worker exploitation. You will see notices at our sites for information on reporting and for support if needed.

I have read and understand about

We operate a “Work Place Pension Scheme” where you will be automatically enrolled after 90 days if you meet the qualifying factors. You will be advised of the details.

I have read and understand

We may communicate with you in order to gain your feedback. By providing your contact details including your phone number, email address, postal address, you consent to us contacting you by a range of means including (but not limited to) telephone, SMS, or post before, during and after your assignment. Should you provide any updated contact information at any stage in the future you also consent to us using these details to contact you.


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